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2037 S Meridian Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Red Envelope Promotion

Meridian Market Kitchen & Food Collective
Restaurant - Wine - Coffee – Gifts


How It Works:

Every visit in December, guests will receive an envelope with a prize inside (one per party). No peeking!!! Then the guest can redeem one envelope per visit between January 1st – 31st when they return with their unopened envelope. The guest will open the envelope with their server and redeem the prize immediately! There is NO LIMIT on the number of envelopes per guest, as they simply get a new envelope on each and every visit throughout December. Here is a list of the possible prizes:
$2 OFF Purchase Fifty (50)
FREE Premium Lemonade, Iced Tea or Coffee Fifty (50)
FREE Craft Coffee, Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte Forty (40)
FREE Dessert Forty (40)
$5 OFF Thirty-three (33)
FREE Appetizer Forty (40)
FREE Grab & Go Meal Forty (40)
$ 10 BONUS CARD Forty (40)
FREE Dinner for Two Twenty (20)
FREE Made-In-Oklahoma Gift Set Twenty (20)
$50 Meridian Market Gift Card Ten (10)
$100 Meridian Market Gift Card Five (5)
FREE SUPER BOWL CATERING PACK (feeds up to 10 people) Ten (10)
$500 Meridian Market Gift Card One (1)
TRIP FOR TWO! (choose between Orlando or Las Vegas)
Up to 18 months to book your trip
One (1)

All envelopes MUST be redeemed by close of business on January 31st, 2021 to be eligible for prizes. Any leftover envelopes from the DEC promotion period will be kept on file to account for all prizes listed. All prizes will be awarded immediately except the trip. A certificate will be awarded for the trip winner with contact information to make travel arrangements.

Full Terms and Conditions
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